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I attended one or more different places of worship in Pittsburgh every week until I reached my goal of 100. I chose temples, churches, synagogues and mosques in various neighborhoods. I made a white dress. I wore this dress to every worship place visit. In response to each visit (in my own studio between visits), I added pieces of fabric and/or embroidery to the dress; with my accumulation of experiences, it grew and changed in appearance. 

Gatherings, dress. 48 digital photos of appearance of dress from visit #1 at upper left to #100 at bottom right.
2010-2011     fabric and mixed media    50"h x 19 1/2"w x 12"d

details below: elements added to dress in response to visits
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one hundredth visit: Oct 4 2011, Presbyterian
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Sikh Gurdwara

Congregation Dor Hadash
(Rosh Hashanah services, day 1)

ninety-seventh visit: Sept 28 2011, Anglican and Epsicopal affiliated
Trinity Cathedral (annual blessing of the artists)

ninety-sixth visit: Sept 25th 2011, Presbyterian
Second United Presbyterian Church of Wilkinsburg

(sunday service and the annual blessing of the animals)

ninety-fifth visit: Sept 25th 2011, Presbyterian
Beulah Presbyterian Church, oldest church in continuous use

ninety-fourth visit: Sept 21st 2011, Buddhism, Dzambhala Practice
(Drikung Kagyu tradition, nonsectarian supportive)
Three Rivers Dharma Center (Fall Equinox observance)

ninety-third visit: Sept 18th 2011, Paganism
Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Third Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

Zoe Christian Community Center

Al-Masjid Al-Awwal

Scientology Pittsburgh

The Parish of Saint Regis, or Parroquia De San Regis

First Hungarian Reformed Church

Young Peoples Synagogue

Muslim Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh

eighty-third visit: Aug 27th 2011 Seventh-day Adventist
Ethnan Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church

Saint Joseph Parish

Zen Group of Pittsburgh

eightieth visit: Aug 22nd 2011, Roman Catholicism
St Nicholas Croation Catholic Parish ("Maxo" Maksimilijan Vanka's murals)

Hindu Jain Temple of Pittsburgh
(Shri Krishna Janmashtami: celebration of Krishna's birth)

Hillcrest Seventh-day Adventist

Epiphany Catholic Church

Pittsburgh Buddhist Center

Holy Ghost Byzantine Church
(observance of Dormition of the Mother of God)

Bethel AME Church
first AME Church west of Allegheny Mtns, & oldest black congregation in Pittsburgh

Young Israel of Greater Pittsburgh

Missionary Temple Ministries

Calvary United Methodist Church

seventieth visit: Aug 7 2011, Episcopal
Emmanuel Episcopal Church  (The Bake Oven Church)

sixty-ninth visit: Aug 6th 2011, Antiochian Orthodox, Arabic service
St George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral

sixty-eighth visit: Aug 4th 2011, Greek Orthodox
Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral
(Great Paráklesis)

sixty-seventh visit: July 31st 2011, Roman Catholicism
Saint Juan Diego Parish, at St. Mary Church

sixty-sixth visit: July 31st 2011, Presbyterian
Oakmont Presbyterian Church

sixty-fifth visit: July 29th 2011, Roman Catholicism
St. Anthony's Chapel (houses over 4200 relics)

sixty-fourth visit: May 29th 2011, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Christianity
John Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church

(abandoned, 1993 Designated Historic Landmark)

sixty-third visit: May 27th 2011, Orthodox Judaism
Bnai Emunoh Congregation

sixty-second visit: May 21st 2011, Orthodox Judaism
Beth Hamedrash Hagodol - Beth Jacob Congregation 

(Pittsburgh's oldest Orthodox Jewish Congregation)

sixty-first visit: May 20th 2011, Conservative Judaism
New Light Congregation

sixtieth visit: May 8th 2011, Compline (choral prayer at day's end)
Heinz Memorial Chapel, non-denominational

fifty-ninth visit: May 8th 2011, Presbyterian
First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood

fifty-eighth visit: May 8th 2011, Episcopal
Calvary Epsicopal


fifty-seventh visit: May 1st 2011, Baptist
The First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh

fifty-sixth visit: May 1st 2011, Episcopal

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

fifty-fifth visit: April 22nd 2011, Anglican Christianity
Church of the Ascension (Good Friday)

fifty-fourth visit: April 21st 2011, Roman Catholicism
Saint Paul Cathedral, Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
(Maundy Thursday Private Adoration)

fifty-third visit: April 21st 2011, Epsicopal
St Andrew's Episcopal Church
(Maundy Thursday Potluck)

fifty-second visit: April 18th 2011, Chabad-Lubavitch Judaism
Myer and Ann Cohen Chabad House on Campus
(Passover Seder)

fifty-first visit: April 17th 2011, Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
(observance of commemoration of Jesus' death)

fiftieth visit: April 17th 2011, Roman Catholicism
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
(Palm Sunday, Polish Mass)

forty-ninth visit: April 3rd 2011, Presbyterian
emphasis on multi-ethnicity, social justice, and racial reconciliation
Friendship Community Presbyterian Church

forty-eighth visit: March 27th 2011, Krishna Consciousness, Abhishekam
(congregation does not carry a name)

forty-seventh visit: March 27th 2011, cross-cultural, sacramental, missional, Christian community*
The Upper Room  (a new church development of the Presbyterian Church)

forty-sixth visit: March 20th 2011, United Church of Christ (and German Archives)
Smithfield United Church of Christ

forty-fifth visit: March 19th 2011, Reform Judaism, Purim
Temple Sinai

forty-fourth visit: March 17th 2011, oldest Catholic Parish in Pgh, Irish
st. patrick's day at Old St Patrick Church

forty-third visit: March 15th 2011, Orthodox Judaism
Shaare Torah

forty-second visit: March 5th 2011, Conservative Judaism
Tree of Life*Or L'Simcha

forty-first visit: Feb 27th 2011, Missionary Baptist
New Testament Missionary Baptist Church

fortieth visit: Feb 27th 2011, Covenant
Covenant Church of Pittsburgh

thirty-ninth visit: Feb 20th 2011, Ukrainian Catholicism
St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

thirty-eighth visit: Feb 20th 2011, Ukrainian Catholicism
St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church


thirty-seventh visit: Feb 20th 2011, Byzantine Catholicism
St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church

thirty-sixth visit: Feb 13th 2011, Mennonite
Pittsburgh Mennonite Church

thirty-fifth visit: Feb 6th 2011, United Methodist
Stanton Heights United Methodist Church

thirty-fourth visit: Jan 17th 2011, Baptist, MLK Day observance
Metropolitan Baptist Church

thirty-third visit: Jan 7th 2011, Interfaith Shabbat
hosted by Kathryn and Zoe

thirty-second visit: Jan 4th 2011, Pentecostal, Revival Service
New Year Revival Service at The Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ

thirty-first visit: Jan 2nd 2011, Missionary
Agape Christian Missionary Church of Pittsburgh

thirtieth visit: Dec 29th 2010, Christian Science
First Church of Christ Scientist, Pittsburgh

twenty-ninth visit: Dec 19th 2010, United Methodist
South Avenue United Methodist Church

twenty-eighth visit: Dec 18th 2010, Catholic
Church of St. Raphael

twenty-seventh visit: Dec 8th 2010, Prayer Labyrinth
East Liberty Presbyterian Church

twenty-sixth visit: Dec 5th 2010, Presbyterian
East Liberty Presbyterian Church

twenty-fifth visit: Dec 4th 2010, Judaism, Conservative
Congregation Beth Shalom

twenty-fourth visit: Dec 1st 2010, Judaism, Hanukkah
lighting of the first candle of Hanukkah at 

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh

twenty-third visit: Nov 28th 2010, Quaker, Friends General Conference
The Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh

twenty-second visit: Nov 28th 2010, East End's Co-op Ministry Men's Shelter
Good Samaritan Service at East Liberty Presbyterian Church

twenty-first visit: Nov 21st 2010, Primitive (meaning "original") Methodist
Door of Hope

St. Aloysius Parish

nineteenth visit: Nov 19th 2010, Christian Interdenominational, Korean
Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh

information undisclosed

Allegheny Center Alliance Church

Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church

First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh

Kedara Gauri Puja at Sri Venkateswara Temple

Taizé Prayer Service at East Liberty Presbyterian Church

Pittsburgh Center For Spiritual Living

Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community

Mount Ararat Baptist Church

Saint Luke Baptist Church

St. Boniface Church of Holy Wisdom Parish

Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

Congregation Poale Zedeck

Congregation Bet Tikvah

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross

Rodef Shalom

Hillel JUC of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Church of the Brethren