Saturday, October 23, 2010

tenth visit: Oct 23rd 2010 Baptist

7:00pm saturday
Mount Ararat Baptist Church
271 Paulson Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15206


the largest Baptist church in western Pennsylvania.
2 percussionists, 2 drum sets, 2 sound barriers.
2 ASL signers.
I enjoy the informality. I enjoy the warm welcome from strangers.
There is an awkward moment, though when I suddenly find myself in the basement of the church, lined up behind a table with other visitors who can not claim membership with another church.

I had called and emailed, but it's such a large church that I'm sure not all members of the administration had access to my messages. After explaining the ideas behind gatherings, and the fact that I'm not specifically looking to becoming a member of any establishment at the moment, I am offered directions to the nearest elevator. I find my way out to greet the warm evening air.

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