all 100 drawings, documented below, while in progress 
all drawings are now complete

I attended one or more different places of worship in Pittsburgh every week until I reached my goal of 100. I chose temples, churches, synagogues and mosques in various neighborhoods. I created a page of drawings during each visit (or afterwards in my studio, when not possible nor appropriate), in response to each experience.

Gatherings, drawings.     2010-2011     ink and graphite on gessoed paper    5 3/4" x 8"  

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 ...and a smattering of individual drawings, from the 100.
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Gatherings, drawings.     2010-2011     ink and graphite on gessoed paper    5 3/4" x 8"  

ninety-ninth visit: Oct 2 2011 Sikhism
Pittsburgh Sikh Gurdwara

eighth visit: Oct 3rd 2010, Catholic (Latin Mass)
St. Boniface Church of Holy Wisdom Parish

seventh visit: Oct 1st 2010, Islam
Islamic Center of Pittsburgh

fifty-third visit: April 21st 2011 Epsicopal
St Andrew's Episcopal Church
(Maundy Thursday Potluck)

fifty-second visit: April 18th 2011 Chabad Judaism
Myer and Ann Cohen Chabad House on Campus
(Passover Seder)

(Drikung Kagyu tradition, nonsectarian supportive)
Three Rivers Dharma Center (Fall Equinox observance)

eighty-second visit: Aug 26th 2011, Roman Catholicism
Saint Joseph Parish

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross 

sixth visit: Sept 25th 2010, Orthodox Judaism
Congregation Poale Zedeck 

fiftieth visit: April 17 2011 Roman Catholicism
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
(Palm Sunday, Polish Mass)

thirty-ninth visit: Feb 20th 2011 Ukrainian Catholic
St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Third Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

Al-Masjid Al-Awwal

forty-third visit: March 15 2011 Orthodox Judaism
 Shaare Torah

twenty-fifth visit: Dec 4th 2010 Judaism, Conservative
Congregation Beth Shalom

ninety-third visit: Sept 18th 2011 Paganism
Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day

First Hungarian Reformed Church

sixty-third visit: May 27th 2011 Orthodox Judaism
Bnai Emunoh Congregation

Holy Ghost Byzantine Church
(observance of Dormition of the Mother of God)

seventy-first visit: Aug 7th 2011, United Methodist
Calvary United Methodist Church

twenty-fourth visit: Dec 1st 2010 Judaism, Hanukkah
lighting of the first candle of Hanukkah at 

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh

fifty-eighth visit: May 8th 2011 Episcopal
Calvary Epsicopal

Kedara Gauri Puja at Sri Venkateswara Temple

twenty-seventh visit: Dec 8th 2010 Prayer Labyrinth
East Liberty Presbyterian Church

thirty-first visit: Jan 2nd 2011 Missionary
Agape Christian Missionary Church of Pittsburgh

thirteenth visit: Nov 3rd 2010, Taizé Prayer Service, All Souls/All Saints Day
Taizé Prayer Service at East Liberty Presbyterian Church

The Parish of Saint Regis, or Parroquia De San Regis

tenth visit: Oct 23rd 2010, Baptist
Mount Ararat Baptist Church

fifth visit: Sept 24th 2010, Non-denominational Judaism 
(Alternative Congregation), Sukkot
Congregation Bet Tikvah

thirty-third visit: Jan 7th 2011 Interfaith Shabbat
hosted by Kathryn and Zoe