Saturday, August 27, 2011

eighty-second visit: Aug 26th 2011 Roman Catholicism

11:30am friday
Saint Joseph Parish

4712 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224

It recently occurred to me that I have not been to a place of worship in Bloomfield. Bloomfield cannot be skipped. A quiet weekday morning Mass in this historic landmark on the main thoroughfare seems right.

Often I am the only _______(something) at these services.
The only Caucasian. The only non-Jewish in the synagogue. The only one wearing long sleeves in 87 degree weather. Today I am the only worshiper younger than age 60.

The sanctuary's interior is cake-white with gilded trim. Today, the homily mentions the universal desire to be holy. That marriage should not be entered for reasons of lust alone. (Though I must interject that a little of that in the mix can't hurt.)

The woman in front of me fingers green rosary beads. I had been wanting to include the notion of the rosary in this project, but had not encountered a reason until now. Idea for this post-service addition to my dress is set.

Every once in a while I prefer a service during which no one speaks to me, and today it suites me. I stay a bit and draw before heading home.

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