Sunday, February 27, 2011

fortieth visit: Feb 27th 2011 Covenant

8:30am sunday
Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
2110 Andrew Drive, Wilkinsburg PA 15221

One Friday this past fall, I had almost attended a 6am prayer service here. I had gone as far as contacting the administration and receiving their welcome, but in the end my schedule dictated otherwise. I have had my eye on the little yellow missionary baptist church in Wilkinsburg for some time now (see next post) and that one felt right for this Sunday. Ends up that this one is not far from that one; their services an easy time-spread... and so align my stars for today.

This church has a huge congregation. Officials directing the arriving traffic. Security guards at the entrance. A purple-feathered hat a few rows in front of me, to the right. Royal blue plumes front left. The woman directly to my left has brought fashion magazines and catalogs, for multitasking, but I guess the sermon holds her attention after all. Everyone has brought their own Bible. TV cameras and their operators are perched throughout. One in the center of the sanctuary on a platform. One on stilts front right. I don't think I ended up on the overhead screens that day, but lots of other people did.

Calls for a volunteer to assist in acting out Bible passages.

A reminder that you have to believe before you can see. (...and the same goes for artwork-ideas, before you can see them come to fruition, right?)

I had time to run to the grocery (
next door) between this and my second church visit of the day. Eggplant and broccoli. Someone from this service recognized me there. I helped her find the strawberries.

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