Sunday, May 8, 2011

sixtieth visit: May 8th 2011 Compline (choral prayer at day's end)

8:30pm sunday
Compline: choral prayer at the close of the day at
Heinz Memorial Chapel
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Below I have written about the 58th, 59th and 60th visits in one entry. These visits are to churches which all have windows designed by Charles Connick. (see 57th visit) He also designed windows in the East Liberty Presbyterian Church's (ELPC) (13th, 22nd, 26th, and 27th visit).

Additionally, I finally have a watered-down version of an answer to my question raised back on September 19th: Were there any architects who built places of worship for one religion, then agreed to also build one for another? Well, as far as denominations: Ralph Adams Cram designed the ELPC, the First Presby Ch of Edgewood (59th visit), AND the Calvary Episcopal Ch (58th visit). One man, two different denominations. I imagine I'll find more examples of this (or please chime in). Ultimately, I'm hoping I'll find an architect who designed places of worship for two entirely different faiths.

Three services today, and this is what I remember:
9 minutes, 3 minutes, 8 minutes late.
In all 3: grey glass windows, blue, rose.
and candle light; in the third, almost nothing more.

positive thoughts pile in 249. never stop.
The first two: sun and the word gatherings (not from my mouth).
Father Rugh, Pastor Wilson and Dr. Alastair Stout.

A week of violence, loss, death and terror:
how is this addressed? the giving of the self,
coming together, the last supper.
Bread braided like challah, my gift.
It's not that religion and art are about each other;
it's that they can be about the same things.
Can I speak about my discoveries?
A girl named Christina.
A window of Robert E. Lee, pointed out by his relative.
A pane to be repaired following the storm.

All the ways to receive communion.
Luke was the best storyteller of all:
from Jerusalem, I become the character not named.
A pastor's silence to compose mid-traurig [sodden body]
and I can't forget: sodden sleeves, raw lider.
Alter carvings ascend forever.
One man alone, Um nicht verteilt seine Erkältung.
A staircase climbed.
These windows are smaller, figureless, stronger.

Nothing spoken; all in song.
Someone asks: Does the music inspire drawing?
Exposures so long, I still my camera quarter-minutes.
Finest luxuries: being read to, being sung to, drawing in the dark.
Air presses the creases of fluted stone.
windows rise 73 feet: these among the tallest in the world.
Above my head: space lofts sound, 80,000 roses or a fortune's armor.

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