Friday, August 19, 2011

seventy-seventh visit: Aug 19th 2011 Roman Catholicism

7:00am friday
Epiphany Catholic Church

184 Washington Pl, Pittsburgh PA 15219
downtown, central business district

This week I got an urge to get up really, really early and go to a Friday morning Mass, in a huge, old historic building in a bustling part of town. Those who know me, know this not in line with my normal behavior. But then again, one might raise the same point about this project in its entirety.

Not long ago I learned that Epiphany is no longer holding their 2:30am Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) Mass.
(First begun in 1905, dropped in 1991. Began again in Nov 2010, and apparently dropped again.) But they do have a 7am Friday morning Mass.

I went.
Yes, it was really, really early (for me). Yes, the building was huge and old and historic. And gorgeous. Does downtown Pittsburgh ever bustle? Close as I'll get. Craving satisfied.

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