Tuesday, August 9, 2011

seventieth visit: Aug 7th 2011 Episcopal (Bake Oven Church)

8:00am sunday

Emmanuel Episcopal Church
(The Bake Oven Church)

957 W. North Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15233

north side, allegheny west

This is a Sunday focusing on physical structure. This visit: wholly unique architecture. My 11am today: that and especially the stained glass.

Emmanuel Episcopal was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, constructed in 1884-86, and declared a National Historic landmark in 2000. Its moniker, "The Bake Oven Church" came about for obvious reasons. I find its stout, sturdy, honest shape to be endearing. Refreshing: no intention to intimidate. The building's original design called for a stone exterior, but proved unaffordable; brick was the answer. The Bake Oven is also famous for the unintended outward slope of its exterior wall, which stopped increasing when the parish house was added to the far side of the church. Ninety percent of the slate covering the sweet, village style, dramatically-sloping roof is original.

Today, it's appropriately sweltering hot. Lately it has been hard to be enthusiastic about adding fabric to my dress. I will, I will make it to September without slowing my pace in response to the temperature.

 And apparently Reverend Don Youse shares my sentiment, appearing in shorts. I like him immediately.

Reading: walking on water.
The sermon: The inability to accomplish unless focus is achieved. Times of doubt =floundering. Doubt comes about as a result of fear. Asking for help is a strength, but not encouraged enough in today's society. Applies in the studio? I think I've lectured my college kids on doubt before. 

Later I meet Jessie. We talk about gatherings and the importance of artistic community in this field that can be rather isolating. From someone else I catch a 1/2 tale: something about a murder and a mistress in a story involving one of the original donors for the construction of this church.

8am is really early for my brain to even think about drawing, so instead of fitting it in during the service, I stay after, with Pastor Don's blessing. First I am alone in the sanctuary for a bit, then I am accompanied by the pianist, warming up for the 10:30 service. I finish and head out for my next visit, a block away.

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