Saturday, August 27, 2011

eighty-third visit: Aug 27th 2011 Seventh-day Adventist

11:00am sunday
Ethnan Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church

1205 Wood St, Wilkinsburg PA 15221

I have not been to Wilkinsburg for a visit in a while, and the idea of book-ending last Saturday's service with another (the only other) Pittsburgh area Seventh-day Adventist church makes sense to me.

I am not feeling great this Saturday morning. At first I am sure it is just tiredness. Ninteen visits in 31 days, and keeping up with sewing and writing between each, amidst the rest of life's obligations... will do that. But shortly after the start of this service, I recognize that I'm actually fighting the beginning of a migraine. So my memory of this visit is a bit clouded.

I remember three white hats in front of me. I remember drawing on the back of my printed driving directions because I forgot to bring clean gessoed paper.
I remember the pastor speaking a lot about finances.
The importance of having a mentor.
I am welcomed warmly during visitor greeting time.
This is a call and response service.
A girl of 4 or 5 years plays with dolls in the pew in front of me. One of the dolls has a dress on that is a miniature match of the girl's. Lined white netting dotted with lavender flowers.

Because of my migraine, I need to leave three minutes before we are officially let go... slipping out quickly is pretty important as the edge of nausea creeps in. I drive home very, very carefully...

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