Monday, August 1, 2011


Back from Germany.
Spent over a month at an artist residency in Schwandorf, which is located just north of Regensburg in Bavaria. Also serving residence with me were a composer, a writer and another visual artist. All amazing—their company is certainly missed. We lived in individual apartments within ein K├╝nstlerhaus and worked all day long in our individual studios on our individual projects. My studio was near a wooded area, guarded by a grand iron gate. There I completed 22 unfinished drawings and inked 53. Additionally, I edited 2 video pieces. All for this project.

We also made scrumptious meals, sometimes for each other. When I ran out of groceries, I rode a little borrowed German bike along a path next to a tiny flowing river all the way to the farmer's market in the adjoining village.

Following, I traveled with my husband: the Black Forest, Regensburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague and Munich.

And I visited worship places: two Catholic Masses in Schwandorf/Fronberg, one Protestant service in Schwandorf, and one Jewish service in Regensburg. I have a few ideas for a project I would like to do there soon, before I forget the little bit of German that I know, and after I can perhaps learn little more.

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